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We offer a large variety of salsas. Will you go with a classic or something new?


  • Mild Bacon
  • Mild Black Bean
  • Mild Black Bean and Corn
  • Mild Cherry
  • Mild Chunky
  • Mild Corn
  • Mild Cranberry
  • Mild Mango
  • Mild Peach
  • Mild Pineapple
  • Mild Red Raspberry
  • Medium Bacon
  • Medium Black Bean and Corn
  • Medium Cherry
  • Medium Chunky
  • Medium Corn
  • Medium Cranberry
  • Medium Mango
  • Medium Peach
  • Medium Pineapple
  • Medium Red Raspberry
  • Medium Fine Chopped
  • Hot Fine Chopped
  • Habanero Bacon
  • Hungarian Pepper Relish
  • Sweet Baby Beets

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Mild Bacon, Mild Black Bean, Mild Black Bean and Corn, Mild Cherry, Mild Chunky, Mild Corn, Mild Cranberry, Mild Mango, Mild Peach, Mild Pineapple, Mild Red Raspberry, Medium Bacon, Medium Black Bean and Corn, Medium Cherry, Medium Chunky, Medium Corn, Medium Cranberry, Medium Mango, Medium Peach, Medium Pineapple, Medium Red Raspberry, Medium Fine Chopped, Hot Fine Chopped, Habanero Bacon, Hungarian Pepper Relish, Sweet Baby Beets


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